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  • Commons Machinery
    Commons Machinery is a research & development agency that experiments with tools that support the commons. We provide the technology needed to facilitate automatic attribution, re-use notifications, as well as analytic tools that can be used to understand and relate to the organisations working in the commons.
  • is a catalog of information about creative works (images, videos and sound) distributed online. With, you can search and (hopefully) find works that have been misplaced across the time and space of the Internet, to figure out where they came from, who authored them, and what license they're under. Subscribing to this list keeps you up to date with what's happening with and provenance of creative works generally these days.
  • Reflections on Freedom
    The musings of a daydreaming dad and husband on free and open source software and everything else free and open. If you subscribe to this list, you'll get a notice when there's a new post, image or video uploaded.